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Choosing your major can be nerve racking, confusing and scary all at the same time. With more than 140 formal undergraduate majors at Auburn University, you’ve got choices. Even within the College of Liberal Arts, you’re looking at 50 majors and minors.

You’ve probably taken tests on BuzzFeed, Facebook and personality tests but still feel unsatisfied with declaring one specific major. I was in the same position freshman year and after some research, talking to my academic adviser and a leap of faith, I chose public relations as my major.

If you describe yourself as an extrovert, someone who loves to think outside the box and needs some fast pace, high intensity excitement in their life, public relations is the major for you.

I could go on for days telling you all about public relations, the awesome curriculum and the perks of choosing this major, but I will keep it short and sweet with these three points.

It’s a one-man show

Public relations is a melting pot of disciplines! Talk about not being to make your mind up, you essentially don’t have to.

The core curriculum has got it all. Public relations, communication, journalism, film and media studies and marketing – they all make up the public relations process. Public relations is unique because you have so many course options and paths to choose from in comparison to most majors. You get to explore your options, likes and dislikes while still staying on track for graduation.

It’s exciting


By now I hope you’ve realized this is no ordinary major. Public relations is a high intensity, fast paced environment and you have to be on your toes. Not to mention extremely competitive. You have to be able to┬ámanage accounts, relationships with clients, monitor media and edit whatever is coming through and going out to the public… yeah bring on the coffee.

But it’s a tough job and someone’s go to do it. Whether you are trying to go corporate, work in a firm or be a press agent for your favorite athlete, you need to be ready 247. The upside, no day will ever be the same. You’ll get to walk into work and actually ask, “What will I be doing today?.”

Boring does not exist in public relations, don’t forget that.

Got skills?


You bet you will. Take a look at Auburn’s required coursework for public relations majors. During your time studying you’ll be exposed to critical thinking, ethics studies, research, strategic writing and service-learning. You’ll even be exposed to business course work including economics, management and marketing electives.

Auburn’s competitive public relations program prepares you for all the chaos that follows post-graduation. You will walk out of here with experience and a rocking resume. Let’s just say you’ll be a “jack of all trades” by graduation and a professional multitasker.

So, if you haven’t figured it out by now public relations is THE liberal arts major. Like I said before, choosing a major can be hard so why not choose one that is a package deal?

Think about it and check out Auburn’s public relations webpage for more information.


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