Every day it seems like we discover new health benefits where we least expect to. In recent years, coconuts, specifically coconut oil, have sparked interest among dietitians and health enthusiasts.  Articles and ads promoting weight loss, Alzheimer’s disease prevention and cardiovascular health – It’s no wonder people are going coco-nutty. What is Coconut Oil? Coconut oil is a by-product of the coconut fruit. The oil is made by pressing the white meat inside the coconut. It has a sweet, tropical smell and smooth texture. Because of its…Continue Reading “Coconut Oil: What you should know”

(OCT. 15, WAVERLY, ALA.) – It’s fall y’all, and that means the Old 280 Waverly Boogie is back. On Saturday, Oct. 15, Standard Deluxe is hosting a weekend full of art, Southern food, and live music. This is the 5th Fall Boogie, with yet again a great line-up, featuring singer-songwriter, Kelsey Waldon.This isn’t her first boogie though, and she is excited to return with her newest album, “I’ve Got A Way.” From the small town of Monkey’s Eyebrow, Ky., Waldon’s humble upbringing transcends through her…Continue Reading “Kelsey Waldon Comes To Waverly, Alabama”

Jewelry, it’s the cherry on top of any outfit. But have you even wanted to see the face behind the beads? Students Mary Grace Easterling and Emily Deutsch are stringing their creativity along Auburn’s campus with their one-of-a-kind designs. Easterling and Deutsch have been creating jewelry since they were young. “My sixth-grade art teacher started an after-school class for jewelry making. I went to one and ever since then I’ve had a passion for making it and admiring it.”, says Easterling. “My best friend and…Continue Reading “Made Em with Grace Beads String Along Auburn’s Campus”