Whether you’re road tripping to the Iron Bowl this weekend or coming back to the loveliest plains, we’ve got the essentials for smooth sailing down the highway. Good Tunes Coming back to school after a week of rest and relaxation can be tough. But the perfect playlist can wash those worries away. Music-streaming apps like Spotify, iHeart Radio,¬†Apple Music and¬†SoundCloud are great to customize a playlist or use one of their own. Don’t forget your AUX cord! Morgan Satterfield a senior at Auburn University, has…Continue Reading “5 Must Haves For Road Tripping”

It seems like our personal information is out for everyone to see. Posts about our family, friends and lives are scattered across social media accounts. Our computers and phones can memorize passwords, addresses, even credit and debit card information. While this all seems convenient, it can pose potential harm. Theresa Jones, a regional agent for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, provides research on the common types of scams that are apparent as well as advice on how to detect suspicious activity and take caution regarding…Continue Reading “Scammers Target Senior Citizens”

As the cool breeze swoops in and the leaves gradually change to sunset shades, fall begins. It seems like summer has come and gone, taking our lush, green, grass with it. However there is no need to worry, your hard work this past spring and summer absolutely pays off, seeing that there is nothing you need to do to winterize your lawn. It can be confusing thinking of all the elements that go into lawn care, how do we know when and what to use?…Continue Reading “Fall Lawn Care in the South”