For the past three years, I have traveled the country with my friends. Freshman year, I went to Destin, Florida; sophomore year  my friends and I drove up the East coast; junior year we hit the slopes in Aspen, Colorado. This spring break, I am looking to knock off just a few more things on my lengthy bucket list on a road trip with my best friend, Bernadette. Bernadette and I will be bouncing from Asheville, North Carolina to Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia….Continue Reading “The Last Hoorah”

Pitch On Sept. 9- 11, Eastern Lines Surf  Shop is hosting the 13th annual FINS Belmar Surf Invitational in Belmar, NJ. Men and women will showcase their best tricks, in hopes of winning the title. Background The Belmar Pro has been a longstanding event, not only for its outstanding competitors and exciting atmosphere but, because of the overwhelming support and hospitality in the community. Each year, surfers return for a weekend of gnarly waves, good laughs and friendly competition. Local legends, and young groms comepte…Continue Reading “13th Annual FINS Belmar Pro”

(OCT. 15, WAVERLY, ALA.) – It’s fall y’all, and that means the Old 280 Waverly Boogie is back. On Saturday, Oct. 15, Standard Deluxe is hosting a weekend full of art, Southern food, and live music. This is the 5th Fall Boogie, with yet again a great line-up, featuring singer-songwriter, Kelsey Waldon.This isn’t her first boogie though, and she is excited to return with her newest album, “I’ve Got A Way.” From the small town of Monkey’s Eyebrow, Ky., Waldon’s humble upbringing transcends through her…Continue Reading “Kelsey Waldon Comes To Waverly, Alabama”