Made Em with Grace Beads String Along Auburn’s Campus

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Jewelry, it’s the cherry on top of any outfit. But have you even wanted to see the face behind the beads? Students Mary Grace Easterling and Emily Deutsch are stringing their creativity along Auburn’s campus with their one-of-a-kind designs.

Easterling and Deutsch have been creating jewelry since they were young. “My sixth-grade art teacher started an after-school class for jewelry making. I went to one and ever since then I’ve had a passion for making it and admiring it.”, says Easterling. “My best friend and I would go to beading classes together in grammar school, and I was hooked”, Deutsch adds.

Throughout their high school careers, they would bead as a hobby, Easterling even sold some of her pieces in a family friend’s local shop.

Although Easterling and Deutsch are both from Atlanta, they did not cross paths until freshman year of college. They were introduced by a mutual friend, whom along with Easterling and Deutsch would become roommates the following year.

After multiple conversations over the course of their sophomore year, and some business advice from their parents, Made Em With Grace Beads was created in fall 2015. They knew it would be a commitment, balancing courses and time to string hundreds of beads each day, but they were willing to make it work. “We would just sit in the living room and bead for hours,” says Deutsch, “once you are hooked it consumes you, I think about new designs all the time.”

Of course four hands are better than two, which is why these girls are so grateful for their partnership. In the beginning, their schedules were busy, coming straight from class to a fold up table and baskets of beads. “It was stressful at points for us,” Deutsch recalls. But they agree that in times of stress sitting down and making a necklace was what they needed. “It kind of became therapeutic,” laughs Easterling, “you are in your own little world.”

After several weeks, their hard work paid off at their first trunk show. With the help of social media, they were able to attract students from all grades. The feedback was incredible. Strangers were coming through to look at their hand-made pieces. Both Deutsch and Easterling praise Instagram for that, it helped spread the word faster than they could have on their own. Since then they have never looked back, and you can’t find one girl without one of their beautiful rosary necklaces, or edgy chokers.

Made Em with Grace Bead styles flows elegantly in their jewelry, creating a unique spin on classic pieces. Easterling with her more boho chic taste and Deutsch and her feminine but funky style brings out the creativity in both of them. Sometimes they can’t remember who created what.

But sometimes their favorite pieces can be the hardest goodbyes. “Of course we make things we would wear or our friends would, so sometimes you finish something and you’re like ‘I hope this doesn’t sell!” says Easterling. But they both agree the most rewarding feeling is seeing someone wearing something you made.

Check out their designs, follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

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