13th Annual FINS Belmar Pro

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On Sept. 9- 11, Eastern Lines Surf  Shop is hosting the 13th annual FINS Belmar Surf Invitational in Belmar, NJ. Men and women will showcase their best tricks, in hopes of winning the title.


The Belmar Pro has been a longstanding event, not only for its outstanding competitors and exciting atmosphere but, because of the overwhelming support and hospitality in the community. Each year, surfers return for a weekend of gnarly waves, good laughs and friendly competition.

Local legends, and young groms comepte for the title. The competition allows New Jersey pro surfers as well as those from the surrounding area catch sponsors attention.

Along with parades, parties and  it’s a weekend you don’t want to miss.


  • In 2010, Hurrican Igor swept throught the Jersey Shore, creating Belmar Pro history. Sets of massive 8 foot waves rolled in all day, keeping the surfers and audience on their toes.
  • Each year the famous Belmar Seafood Festival takes place the same weekend of the competiton.
  • Local legends like Tony Silvagni amongst others show up for meet-and-greets with their favorite groms.


A photographer for the Belmar Pro for 11 years, Danny Stockdale, talks about his most memorable Pro moments,

“John-John. He was 13 years old and just signed with O’Neil. His mom grew up in my hometown of Ocean Grove. This (photo) was taken on morning when Eastern Lines setup a “Groms Surf with John-John Session” The local groms were super stoked.”

He also mentions the older salty dogs,

“You can’t talk about Belmar Pro with talking about Tony Silvagni. He’s a three-time Longboard Pro winner.”


Interested in sponsorship opportunities regarding the Belmar Pro including live webcasts, please contact:

Don Tarrant/Eastern Lines

Patti Baxter/Spark Market Solutions



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