Single Ladies V-Day SWOT

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It’s here – Valentine’s Day

Last year you snuggled up with some Netflix, the year before Ben & Jerry kept you good company.

All jokes aside, it gets old being single on Valentine’s Day. But this is not the time to get down on yourself. To better prepare myself for the holiday ahead, I have developed an in-depth analysis on the single girls Valentine’s Day. By analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Valentine’s Day was able to understand where I can improve my attitude and plans this Tuesday. I hope you can find this useful as well.


  • Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Valentine’s Day is spending time and appreciating the people you love, and it doesn’t have to be romantic. Reach out to your single ladies squad and make plans.


  • “Did you say chocolate??!?”  I mean who doesn’t love chocolate. Treat yo-self this V-Day with your favorite chocolate covered candies, brownies and ice cream. It’s the one day you don’t have to feel bad about it and the stores are stocked.




  • For 24 hours you are reminded how single you really are… nuff said here.


  • You may be #singleswag right now, but hey Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to tell your crush how you feel or just ask to hang out sometime. Baby steps.

  • There are so many ways to get creative this Tuesday and spread the loooove! Go to a nursing home and hand out cards, get some puppy love at your local humane society or wish someone a happy Valentine’s Day. Not only are you making someone else’s holiday a little better, but it’ll make you feel warm and fuzzing inside too.
  • And I don’t know about you but there are some pretty good movies out right now.



There are just some things you cannot control on V-Day, but it’s a good idea to anticipate the worst and have a crisis plan in place.

  • Your best friend/roomie gets dumped, and yes this can actually happen. It may be a day before, but this could do some major damaged to the good vibes you’re trying to keep up.
  • Whatever plans you do make, everyone else could be having the same idea. Ummm hello! Keep in mind it is the day of love. So, movies, dinners, getting your nails done may be a little bit of a wait. Try to plan ahead.
  • You may also want to watch out for those crazy ex-boyfriends. Love can make people do some crazy things.

Although it is the national day of love, you should be sending out good vibes and love all year around. So, call up your BFF and chat, send your grandma a card, and your family some flowers. Surprise someone with their favorite cupcake or coffee. But please, don’t let this holiday be the only reason or one time you show some appreciation for your friends and family.

Of course, the day really is what you make of it. But hey if you need some more convincing that V-Day isn’t all that bad, this could help you out some more.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all, and to all a good night.

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